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Cheater Report


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Last night I believe a cheater was on the server (Wednesday, December 16, 1-3am EST). The player's name was "BLUE player RED player".


Initially I was engaged and killed by the said person, with a bunch of AIM-120C fired at me from him, he was in an F-15, I was in a Su-27. No RWR radar lock or incoming missile warnings. I asked "Why didn't my RWR go off at all?", and the person replies "Obviously cuz I'm a cheater". Thought there was sarcasm there, and that something unbeknownst to me had happened.


Anyways, I continue playing, and about an hour later, I engage someone, and get a lock on them, when they were at about 8km height, going 1800km/h. I think to myself, okay, maybe this person took a straight down descent, and got up to this speed. This wasn't the case, this person was flying vertically and gaining height like crazy, and within a few seconds got up to 12km altitude at a speed of 2200km/h, gaining immense speed while climbing. The person, no other than "BLUE player RED player". I will include some screenshots as proof and hopefully action will be taken. 




Screenshot proof, after shooting him down, that it was in fact BLUE player RED player. He engaged me head on shortly after calling him out. And again, no RWR warnings from his missiles or lock, instead just laughing at the fact that he's using a F-15 that can climb vertically at 2400km/h. The max I seen him hit. Kill message is in chat:





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Odd :S, I see them fine here, anyways, here are the direct links: 

1st Screenshot http://s9.postimg.org/wkryoorrx/Screen_151216_025226.jpg

2nd Screenshot confirming name after killing him: http://s21.postimg.org/ffa4tt5dx/Screen_151216_025404.jpg

It happened somewhere around 2:40 AM EST.


I'm assuming he edited some LUA files, considering I mostly only saw insane thrust output, which would be easy to change if there's no integrity checks for it, or maybe he found some sort of "speedhack" alternative. As I said, he was initially going 1800km/h, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt, even though I have never been able to surpass 1600km/h with a full descent, and he was going straight at the time, and then suddenly I see him gaining altitude quite fast, and increasing from 1800 to 2200 km/h within a few seconds, and maxing out at 2400km/h at one point, and back down to 2200km/h.

Also, this wasn't lag for sure, this all was going on within a 1 minute time period at least. It wasn't a spike of speed, he was consistently going this fast.

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He's back at it and on the server now. Thought this was an interesting reply, without even initiating chat, he already started saying, "Ha, I'm cheating" or something along those lines, after killing any player on my team. 



in case the hotlink doesn't work: http://oi67.tinypic.com/iqyl47.jpg

He claims you're "in on it". I asked for clarification, his reply was vague to say the least in that he said "he knows how I fly - we"

Sorry, but on no other server have I seen a F-15 surpass 1500km/h at any point, let alone accelerating while vertically climbing to 2400km/h. If it's donations that gives these players greenlights to fly planes which seem to have amped up thrusters, ECM, missile range and stealth, then please let me know as well, it initially occurred to me this was the right server to play due to integrity checks, but I may be wrong.

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Hi, I had 2 cheating situation today, the guys names are "Blue Player red Player" and "Thuder dog", In both case is exactly the same cheat, they fire a missile from 90 km and when the missile makes explosion its kill you even if you are 50 km away from the explosion. I have the track and tacview. Thanks!

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