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Hello and Thank you!

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So I've been lurking on your website and trying to pluck up the courage to come on TS and fly on your server and tonight I finally made the plunge! 

Just wanted to say a thank you to Maverick for making me feel at home straight away, wasn't in the newbie TS channel for 30 seconds until he came in to say hello and answer any questions I had. 

Managed to get some air time too on the server and actually got a guns kill (before being taken down by a friend - you know who you are ;P). 

Hopefully see you all again real soon, I've just started to get into Flight Sims and have only got the basic Hotas X so I'm a bit of a noob at the moment as I haven't mastered the whole head on a swivel while flying like a god just yet. Walk before I run though I guess. 

A little about me. 

My name is Adam Mooney. I'm 23 and live with my wife (we got married in October). I live in Sheffield and I'm a chef. Until recently I played FPS's mainly. Counter Strike & Battlefield mostly. I became quite good at CS:S and back a few years ago my team were in the top 10 of the Enemy Down league and was playing some semi-professional UK based teams. I'm wanting to move onto more serious games now and getting away from the arcade shooters and something a little more serious (DCS & Squad - Having played PR too for quite a number of hours.)

Anyway, if anyone is willing to give me the time a day, add me on steam. 




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Welcome Adam!  

I must apologise again for that teamkill!  I was tracking that Flanker for a while, but never saw you nearby.  When I foxed the Slammer, it was only about two seconds later that I saw you close for guns!  It was a nice take-down!  My hear sank when I saw you - it was a slow motion moment of "oh, dear, I know what's coming!".

Glad you found the courage to come onto the forums - we don't bite, honest!  I too came from a heavy FPS background and dabbled in DCS for some years before popping onto the 104th server.  The best advice is to come onto TS when you fly - it makes for a much more engaging and immersive experience!

Again, welcome, and may all your missiles fly true!


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1st kill was a gun kill, huh?
 The force is strong in this one... :)


Welcome Adam, it's our pleasure to have you! May you enjoy many happy hours on the server.

And yes, take it slow, it takes about a year till you really know what's going on. The secret is trying again and again and tacview ;-)





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