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Operation Liberty


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Screenshot by 104th_Octuplefire


The 104th are proud to present one our classic missions from FC2 rebuilt for DCS originally created by DCS legends 104th_Crunch and 104th_MoGas!


Russia has decided that it wants to take Georgia by force. It has formed a coalition with local Insurgents and Israel. Georgia with help from the US is defending it's territory in the name of liberty.
The first side that destroys the 4 main groups of enemy ground units first, or the 6 enemy AWACs wins the battle and the mission will rotate/restart. Each group of main ground units/AWACs enters the mission after the previous one is destroyed.

Red Task:
Friendly Airbases
Mineral Ny'e Vody



WP2 common for all fighters and is midway to hostile airbases. Stop enemy fighters from trying to obtain air dominance. Fighter Escort: WP3 protect the friendly strikers attacking enemy units West of Maykop. WP3 Fighters = WP2 Strikers.

CAS/Ground Attack:
A-10, Su-25T / Su-25
There are 4 Target Areas, Alpha to Delta.  Once Alpha has been cleared TA Bravo will spawn into the mission!


Surface to Air Threats:

-TA Alpha = 4x M48 Chaparral + 4x M163 Vulcan + 2x MANPADS
-TA Bravo = 2x SA15 Tor + 1x SA19 Tunguska + 3x M48 + 2x M1097 Avenger
-TA Charlie = 2x SA15 + 1x SA19 + 4x M48 + 1x M1097  + AAA
-TA Delta = 3x SA15 + 1x SA19 + 4x M48 + 1x M1097 + 3 enemy ships & AAA!



Blue Task:

Friendly Airbases:
Sochi (FARP)


WP1 common for all fighters and is midway to hostile airbases. Stop enemy fighters from trying to obtain air dominance.
Fighter Escort: WP2 protect the friendly strikers attacking enemy units South East of Sukhumi.

CAS/Ground Attack:
A-10, Su-25T / Su-25
There are 4 Target Areas, Alpha to Delta.  Once Alpha has been cleared TA Bravo will spawn into the mission!

Surface to Air Threats:
-TA Alpha = 1x SA15 Tor + 3x SA13 Strela + 2x SA18 MANPAD + AAA
-TA Bravo = 1x SA15 + 2x SA13 & AAA
-TA Charlie = 3x SA15 + 2x SA19 Tunguska + 2x SA18 + AAA
-TA Delta = 3x SA15 + 2x SA19 + 3 enemy ships!


Operation: Liberty Background
During the 1990s Russian KGB agents fed information to the Kremlin after probing Georgia for weaknesses in preparations for a preliminary invasion. Russia's goal was to unite Georgia with the rest of the motherland following its claim of independence in 1991. It was also in 1991 that the Gulf War enveloped the middle east, showing Russia just how strong the U.S and the United Nations would respond to an invasion of a region containing essential allies, such as Saudi Arabia and their oil exports. Russia still pressed on with invasion plans, counting on the fact that Georgia had not yet joined NATO and thus wouldn't receive help from the U.S., the UK, Australia, and other nations within NATO and the UN.However, Russia still required assurances there would be no intervention, and decided to wait until an opportunity presented itself in which they would time their attack with another world conflict involving the NATO superpower nations.

On October 7th, 2001 U.S. Armed Forces invaded Afghanistan in response to the 9/11 attacks just one month prior. Seeing its opportunity, Russia decided to launch its campaign against Georgia in November, known as Iron Stallion.Before the operation was launched, KGB agents abducted a diplomatic delegation including the Prime Minister during a peace summit between Russia and Georgia. The goal was to create a small window of confusion that Russia could exploit while Georgia burned up precious time and resources to gather much needed intel. Armed with their distraction, Russia launched its invasion and moved several armored units across the border into Georgia under cover of darkness. After pledging support to Israel in its efforts against Gaza militants, Israel in turn aided Russia by sending several groups of F-15 aircraft. As soon as reports came in of Russian tanks on Georgian soil, the President declared a state of emergency and appealed to the UN and NATO. As Russia had predicted and hoped, NATO would not intervene. However, the U.S. acting through the UN responded to Georgia's plea for assistance following a UN Security Council resolution citing that the United Nations had a primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. U.S. F-15's and A-10's arrived in Georgia two days later. Russia now has several armored units moving southeast of Sukhumi towards the town of Senaki. From Senaki they have a straight route between Georgia's mountain ranges towards the capitol of T'bilisi. Meanwhile, Georgian armor has crossed over into Russia in the north, moving towards the town of Abinsk where they believe the delegation including the Prime Minister is being held.

To start Operation Liberty, two U.S. SEAL teams were deployed on the ground to assist both in the effort of recovering the diplomatic delegation and against the invading Russian armor. A-10 aircraft will fly joint strike missions against Russian armor with Georgian Kamov KA-50 helos and SU-25 Frogfoots. F-15 Eagles will provide cover for this operation along with Georgian SU-27 Flankers and MiG-29 Fulcrums out of Sukhumi and Gadauta.
Satellite imagery shows that Russia will scramble its own fighters out of Majkop and Mineral 'Ny'E Vody'. There are reports that the Kuznetsov is also in the area, most likely to support Russia's own strike aircraft against Georgian armor moving to secure the delegation west of Majkop. Spetznaz teams are believed to have been deployed in Russia's effort against Georgian armor.



Download High Res maps here

















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