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christmas gift for myself

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Yeah, so, I finally bought myself the 970, an asus stryx OC and on top I bought myself a logitech g402 hyperion fury mouse.

Didn't install the 970 yet, want to spend my last evening with my 760, before I send it to pYlot. She served me so well, I must say. 2 years of pro-gaming and she is still up to pairs with most of the new releases, sure some games like far cry 4 and others won't run on ultra anymore, but some new titles run still completely maxed out with 40+ FPS. But anyway, DCS counts, and in 2.0 it lost its edge (lol) when I set distance to extreme. So, one last run with the 760 and then it's 60+ FPS again, all maxed out! (I truly am my best Santa lol)


Normally I am a die hard EVGA fan, just because they give you 5 years warranty, have the best customer support (your card gave up 5 years minus one day? guess what, they will most likely send you a new one) their step up programme (you can upgrade your card by just paying the difference), but this time I went for the Asus. Why? Because 104th_Knight has plenty of experience with that particular card, he has it running in SLI (next step for me), which gives sometimes even better benchmarks than the Titan and has is cranked up fully in OC with only positive feedback. So, we'll see if Asus will make me as happy as EVGA. I sure hope and believe so!


The mouse however is pure fun. Got it cheap for 46 Euros (Mediamarkt if any german is looking for mice right now), I can only recommend it. Great grip and ergonomy, 8 programmable buttons (don't need more) and the best is that you can change your dpi ingame while holding down a button - which is perfect for sniping in Arma i.e.: zoom in and hover over your target, hold down button to shift to 250dpi for precision aiming, fire, release and run away with 4000 dpi again (I have it set at 3200 though). It is the first time that I bought a dedicated gaming mouse, and boy I am happy with it. Those 20€ normal logitech mice are good for the office, but this baby rocks, most certainly for its price above all!

Anyway, that was my quick hardware update, nothing special, but it puts a smile on my face, and I hope that you have been good to yourselves, too!





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