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Hey there, I go by H0lder, thought I'd pop in and say hello. Pretty new to DCS myself, only about 100 hours thus far, about 90 of those spent learning the A-10C, the other 10 in the F-15C. I've always had an affinity for aviation, namely CAS, learned to fly when I was about 12 y/o on IL-2, in a German FW-190(F-8 if you wanna know specifics). Anyways, I've poked on the server once or twice, gotten some ground kills, and gotten blown up a few times. Accidentally exited my game once out of panic, took a hit and was trying to close my map after figuring out the closest airfield to land at for repairs, hit esc thinking it would close the map(Duh...) then saw a shiny exit button before I realized I was on the Aircraft/Team Select Menu... So, sorry, to whomever I denied the kill, you still got it in my eyes. I've never played on a multiplayer server for flight sims, so I thought I'd change that.

Quick Bio to let you know who I am. My name is Chris(H0lder), I'm 22 y/o, living in Colorado and currently in the Delayed Entry Program for the USAF. Just gonna be a mechanic, as my left eye has depth perception issues. I'm married and my wife is a week away from graduating Basic Military Training for the USAF, we've been married since September. And uhh yeah, I'm a very very quiet person. Idk what else people would care to know, so ask if you wanna know more. Lol. Hope to be around and eventually learn to be an asset to my team.






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Hi Chris, welcome and thanks for the post.

Pop on to 104th Teamspeak and get to know a few people of the public, who fly regularly in the 104th server. Some are A-10C, some F-15, but generally a knowledgeable bunch when it comes to helping new people out. Plus it's always more fun to fly in a group than flying alone.

Hope to see you on the server soon.

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