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Less Ground Units


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Was talking to Maverick yesterday about the weapons' restriction in Bison (this is not the topic here!) and then he mentioned something about taking out all the AI aerial units plus some ground units in the target areas to help stable the game.

Less ground units would be great!

You pour effort and time into creating various and attractive scenarios for the strikers, but the thing is, the target areas are too full of units! Every time I want to fly air to ground and have some fun I usually make it to Bravo and sometimes to Charlie but then the mission will be rotating so I never see Delta or Echo. Been flying for exactly a year on 104th server and managed to finish all TAs (with some help of course) for one time only! It was Op. Fireshield. It's not like we always have at least 10 strikers flown by good players who'd finish off the TAs in 2 hours. And even if, then they've deserved it. Besides, the game crashes all the time and strikers get attacked by fighters, players get kicked, lose connection etc. So it's not that we get to fly every mission for 4 hours.



Missions with 3 TAs (e.g. Op. Armageddon) should receive a ground-units-reduction of 15%-25%

Missions with 4 TAs (e.g. Op. Fireshield) should receive a ground-units-reduction of 20%-30%

Missions with 5 TAs (e.g. Op. Leopard) should receive a ground-units-reduction of 25%-35%


Would like to hear what Mustang would say about this. He flies air to ground quite frequently ^_^



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I must admit I do agree with the fact that Delta and Echo doesn't get seen enough. 

My only fear is completing all the objectives will only lead to the server crashing all the sooner during rotation.  I do feel keeping it difficult to achieve will help the server run the full 4 hours and it makes it all the more satisfying when it is completed.  Hopefully someone can confirm if I am correct in this thinking.

If changes are made I'm sure unit reductions wouldn't be a bad thing but maybe replacing them with softer targets or structures may be the way to go.  I'd be more satisfied taking out a factory, communication tower or radar station than grinding through a section of T-90's and BMP's etc.

I'm sure the mission makers will have their say as I know it can be completed with a lot of strikers, so I'll wait to see what the others say.



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how quickly can you finish moonshield? if not changed by Mav, I have put the exact same units in there as back in FC2 and we were able to finish the mission in 4hrs with a group of 2 to 6 strikers, when no fighters interfered with us.  so a similar size should be doable while still not too easy/ fast. 

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@ IronMike

... did manage to finish Fireshield as mentioned above (which is basically same as moonshield except for the fact that the blue and red forces swap bases? At least it looks like it to me, but I might be wrong). All missions are doable, yes, but the fact remains that we usually don't see further target areas due to a big number of ground targets. If we'd to destroy 100 instead 70 ground units at one TA for example it doesn't make it harder only longer. So instead of lingering over one territory for a long time I'd rather experience various TA scenarios making it more enjoyable - which it is! Otherwise I wouldn't be flying on 104th all the time ;)

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