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How to apply to the 104th - step by step


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The 104th usually opens its recruitment 2 times a year - but that is not a given. It differs according to our needs and capabilities. So, how do you know that the recruitment is open, and when it is open how do you apply step by step?


We will announce the recruitment on fbook, our forums and ED forums, to let you know. Additionally you can check with this thread: 

Right now it says 104th Recruitment "CLOSED" - because it is closed. When recruitment is open, the thread will be renamed to 104th Recruitment "OPEN".

How to apply, step by step:

1. Once labeled as "OPEN" the topic will be unlocked and you can post your application in the thread linked above and follow the first example post while doing so. (Read up on your requirements in this section of the forum)

2. Wait, until you will be approached by us. Among all applicants we will choose a certain desired number of appilcants who we see fit for entry into the training program. Normally we pick 2 out of all applicants.

3. After you have been selected you will be able to make an attempt to pass your UPTs or Undergraduate Pilot Training. (Read up on your requirements in the section Recruitment, subsection UPT of this forum) Note: You can always try them out of course, they are public, but we will NOT REVIEW YOUR UPTs UNLESS WE INVITED YOU TO SUBMIT THEM - without exceptions.

4. After you have passed the UPTs the Senior Flight Instructor will decide together with 104th Command wether you will be admitted into the Cadets or not.


PLEASE NOTE: Passing the UPTs is a pre-requesite to be admitted into the 104th Cadets. However, admittance will be decided by a Senior Flight Instructor together with 104th command. Passing the UPTs does not guarantee admittance to extraordinary membership. Passing the fighter training school does not guarantee admittance to ordinary membership. Both extraordinary and ordinary membership can be rejected and/or revoked by 104th Command at any given time without further explanation.



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