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Uzi 11 - Bandit BRA - 090 for 30 at 25,000


This is known as a Bogey Dope, which means the AWACS will give you the information on your nearest enemy aircraft and will reference it from your aircraft (important to remember this)


In this example your aircraft callsign would be Uzi 11.  The AWACS is telling you that the bandit is 090 from you (East) for 30 miles at 25,000ft.


The second type of call you can get from the AWACS is a Picture.  Instead of telling you about the nearest enemy a Picture tells you about all the bandits that the AWACS can see, these aircraft are referenced from Bullseye NOT from your aircraft.




Uzi 11 - Picture 3 Groups - 1st Group 180 for 60 at 30,000 - Additional Group 270 for 40 at 35,000 - Additional Group 190 for 20 at 15,000ft.


The AWACS is telling you here that he can see 3 different groups (contacts) on radar.  He is then telling you where these aircraft are from Bullseye.  So the first group is 180 (South) of Bullseye for 60 miles at 30,000ft.  The second group is 270 (West) of Bullseye for 40 miles at 35,000ft, and the final group is 190 (South) of Bullseye for 20 miles at 15,000ft.


In all of our missions Bullseye is always Waypoint 1 for Fighter Aircraft, so if you ask for a Picture just remember all bandits will be referenced from WP1 (Bz).


You will also hear the AWACS say Hot, Cold and Flanking.


Hot = Enemy Aircraft coming towards you

Cold = Enemy Aircraft is heading away from you

Flanking = Enemy Aircraft is in the beam

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