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Hi From the Great White North


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Just want to shout out a big hello from Western Canada.

Very nice site and great Public Server. I got online for the first time in a WH and flew a circuit in the dead of night. Georgeous and great framerates. An unknown (me not on comms) wingman took off behind me and we went in different directions.

Despite a blackened runway at Nellis, I managed a good landing and while taxying back to the parking strip someone lit me up and fired on my aircraft destroying it. A bit frustrating as it was my first time online but all in all I really enjoyed it.

I've been flying sims for years and beta tested both the original Falcon 4.0 and Flanker 2.0. I've spent the last 5 years flying big fans and now have decided that DCS and fast jets are fun again. The WH is my current ride and coming up to speed on weapons delivery.

Good to be here!


Cats . . . .

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