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Joint Warrior 5


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27th of February @ 1800z: Preliminary Battles
5th of March @ 1800z: Final Battle
DCS theater: Caucasus
Battle duration: 3 hours - One life per pilot per battle
Number of coalitions: 4
Maximum number of participants: 100 (25 pilots per coalition)
Hosting server: 104th Server & 51st Server
TeamSpeak Address:
TeamSpeak password: phoenix
Maximum number of pilots per squadron: 8 (substitution possible at half time)
Event rules here-----------> http://www.sa-sim.com/wp-content/for...hp?f=39&t=2816

The 104th, 51st and SA-Sim are pleased
to announce the first Joint Warrior Event of 2016

Joint Warrior 5 is a symmetrical force on force event that consists of 4 teams of 25 Pilots battling for the top spot in a 2 day competition. Participants are grouped into either the Blue, Red, Green or Orange teams.

All teams fight on Saturday 27th of February at 18:00z and the winners from each match progress on to the finals held on Saturday 5th March 18:00z.


Screenshot by 104th_Octuplefire

Each team must have at least 5 Air to Ground pilots but may choose to take more. The aim of the mission is to attack the enemies assets while also protecting your own, both sides are attacker and defender.

The mission will be released for all clients to study 2 weeks before the event starts on the 13th of February.

The sign up will take place on ED Forums, each team will be assigned by SA-Sim to either the
104th or 51st Servers for the prelims. All Teamspeak Communications for the event will be hosted on the 104th Phoenix TS3 Server.

Screenshot by 104th_Octuplefire
JW 5 will feature an Air to Air RESTRICTED WEAPONS scenario and will be limited to SARH only for FC3 Fighters!

A2A Weapons Available

F-15C - AIM7 & AIM9

SU27/33, MIG29 - R27R/T, R60 & R73
Mirage - No Restriction
Mig21 - No Restriction
Before signing up, please make sure:
You will be available on 27th of February from 1800 to 2100 zulu and also on the 5th of March if your team wins on the first day.
You have a decent machine and internet connection capable of sustaining a good frame rate online and you have TeamSpeak3 installed.
You have an account on ED Forums.


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