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Few things you have to know:


1st. Tacview should be set on "record DCS World flights" and it will record constantly. However, if you join our and most servers, since export.lua is blocked, the acmi files will be empty.


2nd. Every flight on our server generates a Multiplayer Track. This track is located and c:\username\saved games\DCS World\Track\Multiplayer and is dated with the date and time when you LEFT the server, means ended the flight.


3rd. To prevent corrupted tracks, you should not fly longer than 30 to maximum 60 minutes, otherwise the track goes stupid. The shorter, the better. So, after a nice engagement, exit, save and rename track, reenter.


4th. In your replay section in your singleplayer GUI manouver to your track file location (either default or where you saved it) and replay it with 2x speed maximum. This will generate a tacview from your track. If you replay it faster than 2x speed, your acmi file might be corrupted. best is really to not fast forward at all.


Hope this helps, S!

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