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DCS World v1.2.15 available now


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DCS World 1.2.15 is now available for release version




Changelog of 1.2.15

DCS: MiG-15bis beta release

DCS World

  • Update to the sound system and sounds of variious aircraft.
  • Excessive delay of AI aircraft launching follow-on air-to-air missiles shots have been addressed.
  • Ejected pilot now has the correct national flag instead neutral.
  • Implemented radio frequencies for the VVS (USSR) 1940th.
  • S-24 rockets will now use the APU-68 launcher on all aircraft that uses this rocket.
  • Fixed the crash when disembarked troops would be killed by explosions near it.
  • WWII aircraft. Adjusted shaking on the ground.
  • WWII aircraft. Fixed pilot not dying of oxygen starvation.
  • Su-24MR. Corrected payloads and hardpoints.
  • Crash with accidentally hit [RSHIFT+\] ("Communications: Receive Mode") is fixed.
  • Multiplayer. Incorrect airbase names that appear on the F10 map on the info panel after connecting to the server a second time is fixed.
  • The net protocol was changed and becomes not compatible with older versions. The 1.2.14 servers will not visible in the 1.2.15.
  • Fixed client crash on script coalition.addGroup()
  • Major Update of german ingame localization.
  • Major Update of french ingame localization.
  • Lua export. Unit.getByName() will function on ships.
  • Lua export. StaticObject.getByName() will return objects.
  • Lua export. Unit.getPlayerName() will works for CA player controlled vehicles.
  • Trigger "Stop last sound" will works.

DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3

  • Added German Flight Manual.
  • Added previous waypoint selection with [LAlt + '~'].
  • Radar will not tracking the locked target with ECM even through mountains.
  • Su-27. Landing lights will now light a ground surfaces.
  • Su-27. Corrected speed indication based on wind.
  • Su-27. Longitudinal acceleration indicator on the HUD is fixed.
  • Su-27 The Ultimate Argument campaign. Fixed several bugs.
  • F-15C. Adding missing cockpit lights and switch animations according to electrical power status.
  • F-15C. AAR Tanker will now fill to 100%.
  • F-15C. ADI and HYDRAULIC control lamps will now not light when the battery switch is set to off.
  • F-15C. Automatic rudder trim based on wind is fixed.
  • F-15C. FLOOD mode now provide a launch indication in MP.

DCS: Combined Arms 1.5

  • Different engine sounds for ground units has been introduced.
  • Ships will now follow commanded routes.

DCS: A-10C Warthog

  • Update the German Flight Manual.

DCS: Bf 109 K-4 Kurfurst

  • English Flight Manual corrected.
  • Flight dynamics and the undercarriage have been tuned. Cockpit dashboard shaking has also been tweaked.
  • Several skin have been corrected.
  • Propeller tweaking.
  • Corrected propeller cross-section semi-transparent shape when rotating.
  • Corrected the Level Of Detail (LOD) models.
  • Corrected the pilot bail out animation.
  • Fixed oxygen pressure gauge behavior.
  • Adjusted circuit charging.
  • Adjusted exhaust thrust.
  • Fixed landing flaps analog axis scale.
  • Adjusted fuel level warning level and minor syntax changes.
  • Introduced weapon fusing parameters.
  • Expanded engine start routine, minor syntax changes, removed some obsolete methods, and fine tuned the DB 605DB motor to specs.
  • Fixed reversed radiator mode command.
  • Bf-109 now available for all countries in ME.
  • Fixed TIR support in Bf 109 easy mode.

DCS: P-51D Mustang

  • English Flight Manual corrected.
  • Too high oil pressure corrected.
  • Left and right parts of engine cover can now receive damage.

DCS: Fw 190 D-9 Dora

  • Corrected propeller cross-section semi-transparent shape when rotating.
  • Corrected several skins.
  • Corrected several quick start and single missions.
  • Flaps will no longer move if there is no power.
  • Fixed sound of raising flaps continuing if the power is off.
  • Fixed trimmers electric drive behavior when appropriate circuit breaker was switched off with the drive operating.
  • Friction coefficient was added to electric drive. Calculation were made more stable.
  • Worn type gear (irreversible) was added to electric drive logic.
  • Flaps and trimmers now have worn gear type.
  • Adjusted dynamics for gear, flaps and trimmers.
  • Left and right parts of engine cover can now have damage.
  • Corrected several german quickstart and single missions not playing correcty because of wrong ME version.

DCS: F-86F Sabre

  • Added engine stall sound.
  • In-cockpit turbulence vibration sound adjusted.
  • Updated turbulence sound.
  • Added new cockpit depressurization sound.
  • Corrected pilot shape and parachute.
  • Reduced wing nose-up moment at transonic speeds.
  • Hydraulic system corrections.
  • ARN-6 frequency band will no longer be switchable without electrical power.
  • The wrong fuel quantity in the Simulator Rearm panel has been eliminated.

DCS: MiG-21bis

  • "Ghost weapon still on the pylons" bug has been fixed.
  • Fixed nose cone with PPS engine surge.
  • Separated main and aux Pitot tube freezing algorithms.
  • Engine sound if FORS/MAX switch is used has been fixed.
  • Improved oxygen use timing.
  • Precision improvement to RSBN/PRMG NAV data (location/direction).
  • Fixed radar lights in shut-down/out-of-order states.
  • Fixed radar test mode correct reset.
  • Fixed R-60 lights.
  • Improved ASP, gun, A-A mode.
  • Improved engine air-temperature dependency.
  • Flight model refined improvements, especially in supercritical regimes.
  • Engine over-speed limit removed in simulation mode, engine damage simulated.
  • Fuselage over-speed drag limit removed in simulation mode.
  • Ground steering (taxi) more restrictive in simulation mode.

Star Force ProActive has recently implemented a deactivation option for DCS: MiG-21bis. In order to avoid an unneeded activation of previously activated module due to Start Force protection changes, please:
Deactivate the module
Exit DCS
Start DCS again 
Activate the module after starting a MiG-21BIS mission

NOTE for Windows 8 users: It is possible that you will receive a warning notifying you that module can't write to registry after it activates. Confirm this notification and let the mission start. You won't get into the cockpit this time. Exit the mission and restart DCS. Load another MiG-21BIS mission: you should be in the cockpit this time.

DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight

  • Cooling for the STG-3 starter-generator (APU start) has been installed. Now the starter is cooled much like in reality (consequently, it can burn out because of overheating)
  • Minor bugs fixed.

DCS: C-101

  • Power loss on sudden GPU disconnect
  • Update key bind list
  • GPU connection in flight
  • Pitot/static icing model updated (accounts for precipitation and accumulation rate)
  • Engine icing model added (accounts for precipitation and accumulation rate)
  • Ladders/chocks visible in certain situations in flight
  • Slip indicator sensitivity in flight
  • Landing lights can fail
  • Added TACAN at Tbilisi
  • FD glide slope tracking
  • EGT tweaked to more realistic values
  • Power consumption model added
  • Battery model added. Discharge model uses Peukert's Law
  • Smoke crash bug (caused by invalid pylon definitions)
  • Oil pressure needle added back into model
  • Click spot for show/hide stick restored
  • Click spot for landing gear lever
  • Mirror image orientation
  • TARSYN fast erect
  • Oil pressure now reacts to negative g
  • Backup ADI roll index added
  • Fuel transfer logic fixed
  • Compass light added
  • Limit speeds now relative to IAS
  • g meter reset rate changed
  • ITT needle OFF position fixed
  • IAS instrument re-written
  • Nav stations updated/tweaked
  • Various texture and model updates
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