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A Warm Welcome Back - =RvE= !


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On behalf fo the whole squadron we would like to shout out a

*** WELCOME BACK to =RvE=, the Reservoirs Elite Virtual Squadron ***


One of the great old DCS Power Houses from yesteryear has shown up in the skies again! The =RvE= was one of the much feared and reknown squadrons in the field of BFM, but of course not exclusively. They have contributed to this community with great events and improvements to the sim and we did not forget. Thank you for all you did back then! We sure hope to see more ;-)


"Feel" the good ol' days :D:

Check out their homepage: http://reservoirs-elite.com/

It's good to have you back and best luck!


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I remember fighting RvE in a Squad vs Squad match, way back in 2005/2006 when I was in 504th Red Hammers, before they became 51st Bisons. It was my first proper Squadron vs Squadron battle and RvE put up a great fight. Wow, how the time has flown by.

Great to see some of the names of the past reappearing again. Yoda was the first guy to show me anything in the A-10 way back in 2004. You never forget those people, that's why I try and help out as many new people as I can. 

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