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Am I banned?


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Guest Flaps

dear 104th,

Since the last tuesday I can't connect to your server anymore. I'vent done anything "illegal" (just flying the KA50 and kill ennemy tank) so I don't understand. I'am asking in cas of: Am I banned and (if yes) do you know why?

I really love your server for the realism, I will really appreciate to come back in!

My Id is Flaps.

Usualy I've a ping around 160.

Many thanks



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You were removed for connection quality sir.


Our admins watched your connection go from a ping of 160 to a ping of 700+, this causes big problems for DCS and we had to remove you to keep the server running.

You must make sure you are not downloading or browsing on your connection when you are flying in our server, sadly any client who's connection becomes unstable is removed without warning.


I will remove the ban now, please check your connection before rejoining.

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Thank you very much.


I will check my connection quality to be sure to stay low. Maybe my childrens were using their computer (can't remember) but clearly I will try to have the same issue again.


I will take the opportunity of this post to ask to short questions:

- any solution to be warm in real time about a ping issue during the DCS session?

- sometimes I have some hard drive loading issue during the multiplayer session which lead to a short freeze of the game( maybe 1ms). Is this issue is impacting directly the ping? if yes, I have to find quickly a solution.


thanks again



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