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Op. Caucasus Invasion


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I've been working hard for the last 4 weeks on creating a mission hopefully for the 104th server. Now it's done!

It's called Op. Caucasus Invasion where the blue team lands on and captures Gelendzhik during the night, setting up a decent garrison for starters. Surrounded by red bases from Anapa to Krasnodar to Sochi. Due to preparations for an airshow over Krasnodar, most of the red fighters are stationed there while 12 F-15C's are available at Gelendzihk plus 4 UH-1H helicopters and 2 other on the aircraft carrier 6 miles from the coast. Capturing Novorossiysk however would enable additional 12 F-15C's plus 8 M-2000C's, 4 A-10A's, 6 A-10C's, 2 F-86F's and 2 more UH-1H helicopters.

The blue team must hold at least 1 red base for 4 hours (mission's time) until heavy reinforcements arrive = mission rotates and the blue team wins! A total of 8 UH-1H helicopters are available for capturing Novorossiysk and Anapa as the blue team needs bases close from the northwestern coast! The helicopters can also deploy SAM SA-3 sites at 4 different locations where blue ground units will be waiting. Depending on the developments of the mission various actions can be triggered with different sound effects and radio messages for CAS/CAP/Strike missions accordingly. Capturing Anapa for example would activate a SAM Patriot site and more fighters.

The red team will be mainly focusing on providing some decent CAP missions denying the enemy from capturing more bases plus covering Mi-8MTV2's on their way to recapture whatever the enemy has taken!

Weapons' restriction on:   AIM-120B/C , R-27ER/ET , R-77 , CBU-Bombs , RN-24/28 , KH-58

I really hope you guys would at least give it a look. I've tested the mission and the triggers a couple of times and so far no problems.

Screenshot:   http://imgur.com/pIl2wnu



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I'm aware of that, man. You told me that many players ask you to host their missions which is not how it works here so you can't promise me anything. Regardless of that I've always wanted to create a dynamic mission involving various scenarios so I figured I'd ask here on my favourite server first, but since you couldn't promise me anything I wasn't expecting much so all good. Still, was worth a pushy try.

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