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Please remove ban


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You are no stranger to our server sir, the fact that you got caught doing this is very disappointing, you should know better after flying in our server for a long time.


You will remain banned until next week (4nd of April), if you are caught trying to enter the server under a different account you will be permanently banned with no chance of getting back in to the server.  We will catch you if you try to do this!


Please do not allow anything like this to happen again.

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I't wasn't my regular behavior sir and I was't even airborn that time. There was not many red pilots and was fun to hear some comments about me trying to sneak in to the Blue bases but belive me it was just for a joke (you know me longer then 104th Phoenix exist) Please dont take it personal Mav. I always respect 104th community rules and would never ever go agianst it! Propably Nesscafe took it too personal but i didn't have a chance to explain my joke :(. We use to fly togheter and against each other for a very long time twice longer then some "veteran" members of your squadron and would never show such a behavior in chelenges such as Red or Blue Flag or any other official event. Many time fighing against eachother staying on the same TS channel with premission of our mates.

I hope we will have a chance to speak baout this unfortunate situation but belive me it was more like a joke then regular cheating. PLease don't be disapointed it wasn't my intention to make you feel like that. Apologize for all of the 104th Members and Friends.

 Wish you all as many takeoffs as landings!

Thanks for understanding,


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