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Yesterday, my first fly on Heliopolis and was great!

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After a couple of year of DCS flinging and casual multiplayer matches yesterday I download the TS3 and join to a couple of mission with the uhey and ka50.

It was great, 

I have tons of questions but the mainly are.

Is it all about mission briefing?


Who is firing the orange smoke which identify the ground targets?

Where can I found more info on 104th rules and tactics?

Thanks in advance for any helps and to the nice ka50 guys that help me yesterday.



Top quality free TS/DCS server. I felt compelled to donate.THANKS!


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Thanks for the donation sir, it is greatly appreciated!


All the mission briefings are contained in the missions themselves, press Lalt+B when in mission to bring up the briefing.  Best thing to do is keep flying on Teamspeak with others, many people have flown our missions lots of times before and can help you! :)

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I'm sure to appreciate more your server than you mine donation! :-D

Sure I notice that the mission details are available and as you suggest I'll flying as much as possible on your server with Ka50,Huey and Mig21. (For that I'll stop almost any single player activity).

And I guess also that any doubt about tactics,communication and simulation style of 104th will came up with experience.

So, no official reading?



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Up to know I'm taking side roles, transport missions, when available as in Huey pilot, or with the BS in CAS.

Talking to the A2G channel is getting better...  I'm staying away from any A2A as I'm not finding proficient in friend or foe with my love, the 21.

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I doubt you will ever go.back to Single Player ever again LimaSierra.

Welcome and let's take a flight sometime. Most of the 104th guys fly pretty much everything, so get yourself on teamspeak and we will have a fun flight.

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