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Vrtx Supreme

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Hello everyone, 

I recently found out about Dcs World through a friend last week. Have been completely enthralled by how realistic it is. After trying out all the missions/training and learning the basics of flight and combat I've decided to give multiplayer a go. I've been in the 104th server a couple of times. Am planning to try out teamspeak as well. Would like to know how noob-friendly this server is. 

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I have found a variation in NON 104th members myself. I have found guys on TS that are very friendly and willing to give some advise, and i have also found some are just rotten! Last time I was on, there were a few on the channel that were just bashing the crap out of some noob because he was not as familiar with the F-15 as they were and were calling him all kinds of names because he was not doing things as they felt he should of been, he was on the opposite team and they were just attacking him. I myself am trying to learn, and to hear these guys bashing noobs was very disturbing. Like they came out of the womb with an RWR attached to their head? Are you kidding me? I just left the channel as I have said enough about TS behavior. I would suggest giving TS a go though, decide for yourself, you can always change channels.

I am trying to mop up some home projects which is killing my flight time, but if I see you on, I will be happy to work with you up to my level at least.

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Vrtx Supreme, I will be on at the weekend if you want to take a flight. I don't know which plane you want to fly but happy to get you through your first few hours of multiplayer and teamspeak. 

The 104th server can be quite brutal at times, especially if lots of experienced pilots are flying. It's definitely not that friendly to newer pilots, but if you can learm to survive in our server, you will survive anywhere. My advice is concentrate less on getting kills and focus on surviving and getting home.

Hope to see you and Fakum on this weekend. 

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