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Vrtx Supreme

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I'm pretty new to Dcs World (2-3weeks). I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to have a fly around and teach me some of the basics of combat in the 104th server?

Have just bought the F-15c module. I'd really appreciate it if someone would be so kind as to come on and teach me how to fly it (along with all the systems and how to use the weapons) 

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Hello sir,


Please join our teamspeak server and introduce yourself (just say hi) to the guys already online.  90% of new pilots to our server start this way, as you probably have found out, flying alone is not a great idea.


We dont 'officially' take new pilots up and teach them stuff, however many of our guys wont mind if you ask nicely when they are online.  Your best bet is to actually hook up with one of the community pilots on our Teamspeak, make some new virtual friends / wingmen and spend a day learning the basics.


Dont expect results overnight, Beyond Visual Range (BVR) Combat is very demanding and it can take a long time to get your head around it ... but you found the right place!


Good luck :D

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