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Can someone help a newbe here :) with multiplayer setup



Hey guys,

I love flying the F15 (I excel at take offs and landing :) )  I know how to use the radar (different modes LRS/TWS, VerticalScan).  I know how to use sidewinders.  But what i lack is in tactics.  air to air combat seems like going head on and firing your aim 120 missiles and i usually get 2 enemy aircrafts before getting shot down by one of them.  And i am sure there are tactics that once i learn them i will get to enjoy air combat even more.  Therefore, i was hoping to solicit some help with a) tactics b - ability to play multiplayer successfully as that will help me improve.  so here goes the questions:

1.  i downloaded team speak and connected to 104th server but i was unable to hear or communicate with others (am i missing something).

2. once i connect to the 104th server in mulitplayer am i just suppose to take off and searching and shooting other aircrafts?

3.  Can someone please volunteer to show me the ropes.

4.  i would really like 4 on 4 team combat.  where the team members can know and trust each other.  and it would be great to get teamspeak working so i can communicate.

Also would love to try out some tight formation flying and landing.  looks real cool so fly next to another aircraft in a close formation.


GamerMan972 out

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Hello mate and welcome!


1. - Your audio settings by default were most likely set to another output device.  Go to Settings then Options and select the Playback Tab.  Make sure your playback device is your speakers or what ever you're using.  You also need to use push to talk on our server you must have a button set to talk to other pilots.

2. More or less, however you can give yourself tasks to do, for example protect the air to ground pilots by CAPing near the Area of Operations (AO).  You should always read the mission briefing before getting started, but generally speaking in all of our missions if you takeoff and head to bullseye (WP1) you'll find someone... or someone will find you!

3. - We dont train people outside our squadron in an official capacity, however our members are willing to help when they can, there are also lots of people who will gladly help you out, you just need to get on teamspeak and meet some new people who have been doing this for a while.

4. - This is something you can train in a closed server with other people, just ask around and Im sure you will get the numbers. 


Main thing to remember is climbing the ladder in DCS is a long road, it can be very frustrating at times but this is outweighed by the highs and the adrenaline that comes with being in "deep shit" and making it out alive!  Dont set your expectations to high to start off with.  Every single person in DCS sucked when they first started, as long as you try to keep learning from every mistake you will see improvements very quickly!

100% the best thing you can do is keep coming on teamspeak, your journey will be much easier if you can make some new friends and regular wingmen to back you up.  Never fly alone, it may work out from time to time however against an experienced 2 ship that are on comms together, you will end up being fish food if you wander in alone.


The more new people you meet the more chance you have of doing closed training sessions.  We have several pilot lounges available for you to use to do this, many users go off and practice dogfighting (BFM) in closed servers on our Teamspeak.


Good luck





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