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high ping = ban ?


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I've been banned on 05/24 at approx 21.15 GMT apparently due to my high ping, I was trying to figure out this when after 1min of reasearch I came back to disconnect from the server and avoid the other players lagging, I didn't had the time...


I came here really often with no problem at all with my ping, I would've understood if I was regularly lagging, but my average ping on this server is 120 / 140


And if the ban is because I TKd people, then I already said sorry in the chat for this, Mig-21 radar rules... and the guy I saw was in F-15, I thought they were all against us until I saw Israeli F-15 were allied with Russia

The last "TK" I did, was Yosuke who tried to make a low pass to me... he rammed me while I was rearming, that's not his fault, I know him very well, we were together on TS.


So if there is any kind of possibilities of unban me, I would be happy to fly again on your server


Best regards .Mil

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