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Why and how we ban? Read here!


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You think you have been banned? This is the place to sit in - and bring forth your matter.


How and why we ban:


0. Know this: we want you to fly in here! But: We want everybody to enjoy the same fairness and the same fun!


1. Our rules are meant to provide the best fun to everybody on our server. They are not meant to mock you.


2. If you are new, take it easy - mistakes will always be forgiven. Rather ask twice though. Maybe practice offline a bit, before you feel ready to join a "hardcore" server.


3. If you - for whatever reason - offended our rules, other players or admins - it most likely got you kicked and eventually banned.


4. We ban for minor offenses 1 to 2 weeks.


5. For deliberately bad and offensive behaviour or on-purpose teamkilling - we ban 1 month.


6. After that the ban will be lifted and you may reenter.


7. However, if you keep offending or breaking the rules and turn out to be stubborn and just destructive towards other people's game - you will get banned for a very long time.


8. Changing your IP or getting a new game, DCS account etc. will not help you in that case. WE WILL TRACK YOU. There are very few who fit into this category and we are on the lookout.


9. If you understood what you have done, if you had a bad day or maybe an attack of late puberty or consumed a few glasses of beer too many and feel sorry about it - TELL US!


10. We are always open for discussion, and we rather have you understand what fair sportsmanship is than have you stay out of our server.




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