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It's nice to see how you guys include new modules in your missions to offer players a chance of testing 'em online.... But... What about older modules? The Mi-8 and UH-1 for example are not always included and even if, they don't seem to have an objective of their own like e.g. in Bison (MANPAD insertion) or Leopard (striking light vehicles).

I don't fly any trainer modules or the like, but sure some players do so they could also be taken into consideration. 1-2 slots would serve well, I suggest.


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Our missions do need a bit of an overhaul as most the new modules have been thrown in just to give guys a chance to use them without any real objective.

Most of us have been busy with real life and haven't had time to commit to adding these to the missions.  Plus any changes we do make we need to make sure it doesn't affect server stability which is our main focus, that means having time to keep an eye on the server too.

It is in the pipeline, hopefully when things calm down we'll get round to this.

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