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Hello, this is GREEN MAN.

I was banned as TEAM HIT.  However, I did not shoot to my team airplanes.  I was sure to fire on airplane with squared target and not X squared. There are some friend fighters maneuvering around the target I rocked and shot….Maybe my missile get go to some of friend fighters.  I am sorry.


I am a bigginer on using PC and DCS.  I need to learn more.

Please, please forgive me and I want to play 104 servers as soon as I can.


Thank you.

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G day,

I appreciate your explanation. Given the circumstance I will lift the ban and you will be free to return to the server. Please, in the future when situations arise, offer an explanation. If a team kill is committed in such a fashion it can be forgiven. Just don't be silent about it. Happy flying and always check twice out there,


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