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104th Missions


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Hi all,

I'd like to to post this thread asking all to name your favourite mission on the 104th server just to see which one it is and maybe why. This could help in the future when it comes to creating new missions or at least just for the heck of it...

My favourite is Op. Bison! Flankers vs Eagles! I like the idea of assigning the actual fighters to the appropriate team accordingly. Strikers and helis as well would simply nail it although not all players have enough modules.


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can i make a suggestion

in every mission so far i was in on the 104 server there was not one where you where able to drive vehicles 

i understand you want to keep it a fly only mission , but would it be possible to add say some humvee vehicles for players so there would be real live JTAC interaction giving locations of enemey vehicles and laser guiding for the A10C and heli,s would help ka50 pilots also not getting shot while trying to find everything :)

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