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104th Public Training


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As a community service the 104th Phoenix VFBS will offer public trainings in the future that will try to cover an array of fields mainly around the F-15 and air to air combat.

These trainings will have different difficulty levels and will provide valuable insights for both beginners and experienced alike.

Your trainer will be me, 104th_IronMike, the 104th Senior Flight Instructor. I have been training our cadets for the past 5 years and I developed the recent 104th training programme. All of my cadets made it into the top ten rankings in DCS at one time or another. As you will see, we have no secrets and there is nothing you cannot learn.

Why do we offer this? - We want to make you better! Of course, this is only a fraction of the extensive 104th training programme, but we believe that an overall better community provides more fun. Bad flying on the server not only does not feel rewarding in a fight, if getting out of hand it can be an immersion breaker on the server, for both the newbie and the seasoned pilot. We also want you to have it a bit easier to get along in DCS. DCS is very complex and NONE of us would have made it without help. And last but not least we strongly believe in an evergrowing and ever evolving community. Join us!

[PLS BE AWARE THAT YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE FIRST STEPS YOURSELF. WE WON'T TEACH YOU HOW TO START AN AIRCRAFT...] (we might at some point offer a total newbie introduction into DCS)


When? ~ This Sunday, 1900 Zulu (www.zulutime.net)

What? ~ An introduction into the F-15C Eagle - handling, radar, combat, weapons, submodes, IFF and basic tactics.

Who? ~ Players who are new to DCS, but already know how to start, taxi, take off the F-15 and navigate from waypoint to waypoint. Attendands should also know how to use the radar basically: turn it on/ off [default key: "i"]; slew the tdc [def keys: "," "." "/" ";"] ,lock a target [enter], change range [ "-" and "="] and altitude [rshift+. and rshit+;] and prf modes [rshift+i] and switch between STT and TWS [rshit+i] and finally how to center the TDC [rctrl+i]. You don't need to know what it does. You only need to map it to your joystick or write down the default inputs.

Where? ~ We will meet on 104th TS at 19:00 Zulu, there will be a channel called "F-15 Public Training"

How? ~ Just show up on time (!) and we will get going. If there are too many we will repeat it the following week. If you show up late, you will not be able to join.

Which modules do I need? ~ DCS World and either FC3 or F-15 standalone.

Do I need a joystick? ~ yes and no. you decide, but we strongly advise yes.

Do I need a hotas? ~ No!

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