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How to prevent TK


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Ok so i've only been playing DCS online for two days and I've already managed to notch two teamkills which i'm not proud of, one with guns one with a 27ET, both in my SU27. So i was wondering how i can use any sort of IFF in the game to make sure that it doesn't happen again when using the heat seeking missiles, as I would like to be able to play on this server regularly, without getting banned. Thanks in advance :) 


Update: I found a topic on this forum explaining everything hopefully that will help me

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Yes, in our DCS World section you will find a post about IFF - Identification Friend/Foe.

Note, sometimes that is not enough. In some AC in certain submodes (like helmet, or vertical scan, etc.) you dont get IFF. Now this then might be a point, were you simply have no time left to unlock him, lock him with radar, verify, fire.

In this case: DON'T FIRE. The what if question has to be payed on your behalf, if you know what I mean. what if, he is a bandit and kills me? Well it is still a gazillion time better than: what if he is no bandit and I get a teamkill?

If in doubt, don't fire, bite the sour apple yourself. Next time make sure you can IFF him earlier, or be on TS to find out, communicate, etc..


Hope that helps in addition to our IFF thread.


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