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Unban Please


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Hello, I understand why I got banned which is due to having high ping, I was at a friends house and the internet there is pretty unstable so the first few sorties I had with my group my ping was fine then I guess later on when I was focusing more on my target rather than my ping I get sent to a black screen then straight to the multiplayer list with the message "you have be banned" sort of thing, next time I just wont get on when I'm at a place with unstable internet also be nice to get a message during the game like a sort of warning or a kick rather than a straight permanent ban, anyways my point is I love flying in the 104th I think its awesome and would be really cool if I can get unbanned so I can fly back up in those skies.

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We dont warn people for ping as high pings affect our server stability, so rather than have every other client in the server suffer because one guy has a high ping we just get rid of them straight away for the sake of the majority.


We know this sucks and it would be nice to get a warning first etc, but our priority is server stability for all the other clients who are connected so Im afraid until we get server tools from ED that will warn clients when their pings are spiking we will continue to ban on site.


Your ban has been lifted and you may now rejoin the server, please keep an eye on your ping whilst connected and avoid connecting from dodgy friends houses ;)



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