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What does the "S!" mean in DCS?


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What does it mean in DCS, when someone types "S!" online?

Basically: it is a virtual salute. we see more "o7" type of saluting lately which comes from Eve online and alikes, but the real DCS or back in the day lomac deal is simply: S!

It is good etiquette and shows great sportsmanship on a server to make use of it often, espacially when killing someone or getting killed. Most noble is the latter, and shows that you are a DCS oldschool gentleman.

When you get killed:

"GK S!" or "gk S!"

means "good kill, salute!" Old school hardcore online pilots always reply that when getting killed - no exceptions. newer pilots often tend to argue, blame (spammer!), look for excuses (missiles!) or swear (wtf!). Mostly because they don't understand what happened. And that is NOT good etiquette and might even violate server rules depending on the server. Force yourself: when you get killed, always type "gk, S!"

If you have killed someone and if your opponent has put up a good fight:

"GF S!" or "gf S!"

means "good fight, salute!" It shows fairness and sportsmanship and acknowledges your opponents skill - which is really flattering to recieve after being shot down. It motivates your opponent to take off again and re-engage you and it establishess friendliness that is looking beyond the boundries of your RMAX...

In the heat of the fight short forms can be seen like "gk" or "gf" without the S!. if you are engaged and cant type right away: it is still nice to give cudos to your previous opponent later.

When recieving a gk or gf S! - a simple S! is the usual reply, although tx and ty dont hurt.

I thought I just leave this here for some online etiquette, so new players can catch up with all the wierd chat going on, and old timers might get reminded in case they forgot. :-P


Fight hard, die even harder, but fly fair and be friendly.


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Yes, exactly. o7 is a top down view on a little dude's head with his right armed folded in to a salute.


The important thing is that we salute each other. that we display respect to our opponent, espacially if we just won, but also that we accept the loss as our own mistake and don't get jealous of someone's win, in other words: good sportsmanship.

how you express it, is up to you.

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