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OldE banned for 90 days


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It is my sad duty to inform the community that we had to ban one of our regular pilots and server veterans OldE.

As everyone knows we hate banning ppl, naturally espacially when it comes to regulars.

But being a regular, a donator, a veteran or even the closest of friends does NOT elevate you above server rules. Not even the 104th Squadron Owners and Founders are allowed to break the server rules. NO ONE IS.

Being abusive in chat is breaking a rule. Doing it repeatedly is even more: it is destructive towards the game and happiness of other players in your channel. If through the course of a year those complaints don't sto´p despite repeated warnings and talks - you know you are in for a ban.

And trying to crash the server on purpose and admitting to it - no, there is no rule against it, but if you use just a tiny itzy little bit of your brain, you might figure out that we will count that as a serious offense equalling a hack. failed or successful attempt doesnt matter - in both cases, OldE, you are lucky that we consider letting you back in at all.

And if you get banned on different forums, like Steam, as well, wich we know, too, you should start to consider that maybe you need to change your behaviour and/ or attitude and that it is not the others who wronged you for "no reason".

A "whatever" just doesn't cut it. And that being said, we withold the possibility to extend that ban or turn it into a permanent ban if we do not see any change in that attitude.

Again, no matter how long or regular you fly on our server, it doesn't entitle you to anything. In contrary, we give the veteran badge to ppl who we believe serve as a role model in server etiquette, mature behaviour and fair sportsmanship.


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