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again unable to join


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Again, unable to join your server because of: "protcol error steam error".

Can you check the case, again?

Thank you!



The last time that happens you said that I was not on your list and after the last DCS update I was able to join without any problems and with a ping between 130 and 140.

I removed steam from my computer and tried to follow your advice concerning IC: http://104thphoenix.com/integrity-check/

Unfortunately unable to locate "Scripts/compile.lua" on my computer, but deletet the rest and did a DCS-repair. Still unable to join your server. Other servers just work fine.

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You were removed for ping again sir!


You need to watch your ping in game not from the DCS MP lobby.  I did not remove you one of our other admins did which means while connected to the server your ping breached our limit.


I will remove this ban again for you but this cannot continue sir ....I see where in the world you are connecting from and there is no way your ping should be higher than 200 never mind 330.


Please monitor your connection whilst in our server!  If your connection spikes above 330 you must leave.  Make sure you are not downloading while flying in our server (steam updates etc) or that you are not sharing a connection with someone else who is downloading.

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