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Money Is Coming Back TOMORROW!


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Hi guys,

Been so long since I've flown I pretty much have forgotten how to do everything. But finally, FINALLY, I am coming back. I do have a few questions and im hoping someone or someones can chime in and help me out.

Dusted off my CH controls and my TrackIR 5 with pro clip is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow (Monday afternoon PST) through USPS.

I got Windows 8.1 64-bit installed on my late 2013 trash can Mac Pro 8-core Xeon E-5-1680v2 @ 3.00ghz, 32gb memory, 2 x AMD Firepro D700 6gb video cards with Win 8.1 running on a partitioned 1TB PCI-e based flash storage.

Ok so I downloaded DCS World and once that was finished it prompted me to install A-10C which I did.

Have option to buy (with no $ amount) upgrade from BS1 to BS2 but when clicking buy it opens up it wants me to use BS2 installer

Q: Where can I find that particular installer? Do I need to hunt down BS1 serial to upgrade?

Q: Can I still download these separately and fly online/offline with them?

I am sure that my 2 video cards can be run in CrossFire mode in Windows 8.1.

Q: How do I enable CrossFire mode?

Q: Will running in Crossfire mode give me a real performance increase?

If I remember correctly, there was a setting I could check back in Windows XP and/or Black Shark that allowed it to run on multiple cores, something like "Affinity" maybe?

Q: Is that option still available and if so where would I find it?

Ive been gone so long im sure there are many things that have changed

Q: Are there any updates, patches, skin packs, etc. or other game enhancements I should try?

Q: Anything else anyone might suggest to enhance computer/game performance?

Thanks in advance guys...Really looking forward to getting back in the air after all these years.



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Ok, so I got everything installed except for Black Shark 2. First thing I noticed is FC3 frame rate really sucks at this point for me. I used my AMD control panel to turn enable Cross Fire, have all DCS settings at low and the frame rate is not smooth at all.

I know my mac is a little on the old side but its no slouch either. The 2 6gb video cards should at least act like a 4gb pc card. Ram is definitely not an issue at 32gb.

Kind of stumped here. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi Money, and welcome back!


First of all, don't be a stranger and jump back into teamspeak.

As for your issues. A) AMD and DCS are not a pair that works together well, and b ) DCS does not support SLI or Crossfire, so you are running only one card. And if you are tweaking you should also tweaking only that one card, that is being used.

As for your other questions, you dont need to do these things anymore, but your system has to be well well above the requirements. DCS is very heavy on the CPU.

As for Terrain I suggest you download Mustang's mod, you find it in the mod section of this forum.

BTW 8GB of ram is not really enough, you will run out of memory easily, you should have 16gb ram. Best is to post your system specs.


Are you considering getting back into the active roster? if so, come see me on TS and I will bring you up to speed how things work and what you'll have to do to get your flight ready status back.


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Hi IronMike,

First off, yes planning to come back to active roster. Im sure it will take a bit for me to get back up to speed, all the planes fly quite differently than I remember from FC2, only had FC3 for 2 days now.

Got carrier landings and refueling done with SU-33 but was looking a bit ugly, no luck on refueling with F-15, kept crashing...

Still trying to relearn HOTAS set up, just got basic flight controls plugged in. Still need to set up radar to HOTAS

Turns out I had to force CrossFire through AMD control panel. It did make a huge difference.

Been tweaking settings for a few days now and getting solid 60fps with vsync enabled. I disabled vsync and get 80-120fps but it just doesn't seem as smooth without vsync enabled. Most settings on low now except for textures and terrain textures on medium. Getting about a 25% drop in fps using 3 monitors at 5760x1080 so going to stick with single monitor for now.

Still cant get Black Shark 2 upgrade installed into DCS World...

Ill hope on TS soon and meet up with you when I get a chance. Recovering from umbilical hernia surgery so sitting in chair hurts after an hour or so...Edit- Just tried connecting to TS3 channel but got failed to connect message.

System Specs - Late 2013 Mac Pro 8-Core 3.0ghz Xeon E5-1680 v2, 32gb ram, 1tb PCI-e based SSD flash drive, 2-AMD FirePro D700 Video cards 6gb vram each. Windows 8.1 running through Boot Camp.


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Ah, yes, Black Shark.. forgot. You have to have black shark 1 installed, or it wont work. It is pretty stupid to be honest. best bet is just buy blackshark 2.


Pls take a look at the UPTs, Money. You won't be a cadet again, but you will have to do a part of the training (it has grown to much more as you knew it), including the UPTs. Now, that is not mockery, or so, I want you to do them because nothing is designed better to bring you back in tune with precision flight - I do them myself at least once a year again and again. It will also help me assess your flying very quickly which will help me through the rest of your refreshment training. Missiles are different, flight models and so on. So we require members who were away for so long to have a go at it again a bit, but don't fear: training is now live with instructors and really good fun. I think you will enjoy it!



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No problem at all doing any training, it's all so different that I almost feel like a noob. 

I do have BS1 installed already. The BS2 upgrade was a gift of sorts from Paul quite a few years ago. Would rather get it installed and purchase another module than buy it over again...

Is there any way to stop the head movement on the F-15? It's literally giving me a headache every time I fly it. I tried disabling the 2 head movement options but it still just rocks back and forth when banking even slightly. 

Got TS3 running. Was using wrong IP address. Have PTT hot key set up. 


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