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Windows 8.1 Stealing HD Space


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Hi guys, 

Was hoping someone could help me out with a Windows 8.1 problem. Im running Win 8.1 in Boot Camp mode on my mac.

I allocated 208GB of HD space for the Windows hard drive. The only thing I have installed on the hard drive is the 3 different DCS World versions, 1.5, 2.0 Alpha and 2.0 Beta, as well as TeamSpeak and TrackIR 5 software. The hard drive was only meant for flight simulation.

My Windows folder is about 15gb, DCS World 2.0 Beta is 50gb, DCS World 1.5/2.0 Alpha is about 25gb each. I should have close to 90gb of HD space left over but I am down to 31gb. 

Can anyone help me figure out where all my HD space went??

Thanks guys, 


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