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We try our very best to bring you, the community, new mission content as fast as possible. We have a number of our members that test the missions to see if every thing is alright before we host a new mission. But as we all know nothing is bug proof and our members may have overlooked  something or a new patch came out and it messes the the missions up. 

This is for posting bugs for all of our missions. We are not asking you to make it your quest to find problems with the missions but if you come across something please don't hesitate to post it here.

Please refrain from posting things like: "we need more of these aircraft" or "the the strikers are too close to the fighters"

Below are a few basic examples and the format that you can use for reporting bugs.

MISSION NAME: 3_Op_Leopard

BUG: Helos can't rearm or refuel on farps

SIDE: Blue




BUG: a message pops up saying smoke was popped at an LZ but there is no smoke




MISSION NAME: Moonshield

BUG:Cannot load fuel tanks on the Mirage



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Mission: 1_Op_Armageddon_V13-20171103-174909

Bug: Blue ground team progresses to WP Charlie, then sponteneously explodes over the water directly E of WP3. Player reported as killing themselves.

Personal Experience: First occurance, ( Su-25T ) I figured I had launched a Vikhr with outboard bags, ignited them, and did not notice the flames. Second occurance, no bags and no launch of any ordinance. Third occurance, I went N of WP3 by about 15-20km and I believe I got one shot off with no bags. When the third one happened, I was able to keep some sort of control of the Toad and I exploded again a few seconds after the first. Its like I was shot down, but I was reported as killing myself.


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My guess is that its not a "bug" as in you are blowing up randomly but maybe the actual ordnance has a bug itself. If your ordnance gets shot and blows up it would say you killed yourself even though you were actually shot down. Im guessing a ground unit keeps knocking you down. Op_Armageddon is a pretty solid mission. I would try deploying the same ordnance in a different part of the map instead of over a target area and see what happens. If you dont blow up, then you probably just got shot down. 

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