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Something new for you to do - ALL missions


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Big thanks goes to 104th_Knight for implementing the MIST script and the CTLD script in our missions.

Big thanks goes also to Ciribob, Speed and Grimes for creating, improving and sharing these scripts.

MIST: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=98616&highlight=MIST

CTLD: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=143107&highlight=CTLD

The CTLD script and command menu will probably be known to many of you from Blueflag. It is called Complete Transport and Logistics Deployement and does exactly that.

From now on Hueys and Mi-8s will be able to fulfill transport missions that will not only allow them to influence, but also to dominate the battlefield.

Enter your CTLD command menu through your default radio menu and F10.

What you can (and have to) do:

1. Your first task is to build a FOB in order to open a supply line. Mostly you will have to clear some light targets at an abondoned / captured FARP with your Huey or Mi-8. So take some weapons!
After capturing you can land and rearm, refuel there. but you still have to build your FOB. This will increase the range of your supply line and you will be able to take crate from there. A FOB needs 3 crates to be build. the crates need to be brought from the main base where you start - read the briefing for exact locations.

2. Set up defenses. Or join the fight. You can either deploy SAMs (Kub needs one launcher and one radar), repair them (when they run out of ammo), build a defense network on strategic points, coordinate with fighters, or deploy troops on the battlefield as you see fit.

3. AA sams etc will mostly use more than one crate to be build, a TOR needs for example four crates. once you have build your fob, you can get them there and save flight time. Each chopper can carry only one crate at a time, but you can load troops additionally (manpads, etc).

4. Kubs are restricted, only a certain number can be set up. Use them wisely.

5. You have total freedom where you want to set up your sams. be strategic. repair, dont waste. and push towards bullseye, even better: push the enemy back. to be effective: coordinate with the fighters!

6. once you have deployed all crates you have to unpack all crates via the CTLD command menu.

7. when sams or other units run out of ammunition, a repair crate will refill them

8. Be daring, build even more FOBs even close to the front. dominate the battlefield and watch your sams clear the skies!

We very much hope these additions will give more joy to our heli pilots and above all: we hope to promote more teamplay through this. The helis will be exposed on their quest towards the fronts, so fighters, your prime job is now to protect them.

Enjoy and thank you for flying.


PS: Stay tuned for a screenshot contest for new year, the prizes will be amazing and we have a surprise partner!

January will host another round of Red Flag and much more stuff is coming...

Beginning of january will host another public training.

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MadMax, almost every evening around this time there are usually a group of helo pilots around on the server and in Teamspeak doing exactly that. You should join up, im sure they would be glad to instruct you and have you along.

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