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Whole country banned?


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Hi I was just sitting in down to enjoy some DCS on 104th server.... BANNED!

I can only assume this is because I live in Australia and although my ping is usually 260 it can spike to over 330. Australian ping is notoriously bad and there is nothing I can do about it. I live in a major city of 2million people and this is as good as it gets for us down here.

Whats worse is 104th is the only server I can play on with ping below 350.  If you guys ban us from 104th there is nowhere else we can fly . The population is too small to support a local server. 

Please lift the ban and consider warning people that their ping is spiking to unacceptable levels so they can disconnect and wait for the ping come back down.

I've been flying on 104th for years never had the slightest warning then bang banned?  I would have just stopped playing for an hour if you had told me my ping was too high.

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Thanks for your reply. I forgot my ingame name was different.

It is "RydnDirty" and was when you banned me. My Australian friend is unable to join now as well. But he didn't get a amsg saying he was banned. Mr Burgundy is his name.

If our ping is spiked too high you can tell us in chat and we'll wait an hour or so and see if it comes back down to the  260 it normally is. 


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We dont warn people before removing them for high ping because most people do not fly with the chat enabled and do not respond to warnings we post.

Our policy is very simple, if you go over the limit of 330 we will remove you for the sake of our server stability.


We have not range banned Australia, there are several clients from down under who fly in our server all the time.


Sadly those with bad connections are not able to fly in our server as clients with high pings affect our stability.  The harsh truth is server stability is more important to us than allowing people in remote areas to connect with bad connections because they can't fly anywhere else.  I know this isn't a very nice thing to say but the truth is its not our fault if clients cannot connect because they have a high ping to our server, we cannot allow everyone to fly in our server or else it would crash all the time, we have no obligation to allow people in to our server.... if your connection is not good enough, you cannot take part.... simple!


Best thing you can do if you want to remain flying in our server is always be on our Teamspeak when you fly on it, this way if there is a problem with your connection we can warn you on teamspeak, or you can alert us to any problem by joining the Help Desk channel.

If you are removed again for high ping you can simply join the help desk to have the ban removed once your connection is stable again.


I hope all this is understandable, I know its not ideal and I am sorry that we have to have this limit enforced.  Its a result of the stability in the DCS Netcode, we have built a solid, semi reliable platform over the years by strictly policing the client connections in our server and removing those who do not have adequate connections.

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I understand.

Soooo.... did you unban us ? I just tried to join. The multi[player lobby says my ping is 260 and I as said I have been playing on 104 for years and not been banned. Can  I assume that my connection has not been a problem all this time and was just spiking when you banned me. Do you recognize my name,  RydnDirty?  Have you seen my ping before ? what is it if it is not 260? It seems My ping had a bad day.

We are happy to use the 104th TS. We were always on our own TS when flying anyway.



PS I found the TS address but I can't find the password. Maybe you could please tell me where to find it ? 

I'm hoping that if I join the TS and ask an admin to unban me, I can join the server and they can check the ping. I fully expect that having flown for so long without ever being kicked or banned it will be fine.

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hey buddy, the password for teamspeak is "phoenix" without the " of course.

SLMOD autobans ppl or we quickban ppl as explained above, so yes, this is due to a spike in your teamspeak. as Maverick explained at that point we have to react quickly or the server can crash. So how your connection is normally is not important at that moment.

Some remote clients know some green and some red times for their internet and they have a look out on their ping and avoid flying during red or bad ping times. watching out for the ping is the clients responsibility. but if you miss it, we wont of course.

Flying on your own TS is totally fine, if one of you guys at least is on our ts (like quiet channel) it helps a lot though. You can open several tabs and connections on TS and alter your mic, away and mute settings for each tab seperately.


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Can someone please unban me ? I still can't join. I get stream error. I will be on TS when I play off peak.

I have looked on the TS a couple of times off peak and there was no one with 104th in their name to ask for help.

My ping has been 260 everytime I have looked. 

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