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banned, i guess?


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i was sitting on the ground fiddling with the mods for another game. total time probably ~20 minutes. when i came back i was banned.


to my knowledge i didn't do anything? i didn't touch the stick so i doubt i could have ping ponged into people and killed them. ping thing(?)


unban pls

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You were more than likely removed for high ping.


We run a very strict Ping limit of 330 in our server... users who exceed this limit are removed by an admin without warning.


Perhaps you're pc started downloading an update or something when you were AFK.  Please monitor your connection while flying in our server to save you the hassle in the future.


Our limit is 330, use the score table to check your ping while in game, if you see it above 330 you must leave the server or risk being banned again by an admin.


You can now re-enter

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