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Hello Chief!

Weeks ago I got banned from 104 server because teamkill I guess, I'm new to DCS and I'm noob as hell at that time. I'm so sorry about what I did. It wont happen again I promise. Any chance I get unbanned?

DCS nickname NeedCover


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Because for a team kill you guess?  I'll jog your memory...


You were banned for teamkilling friendlies with guns, new to the sim or not this is unacceptable and shows a blatant disregard for our rules. 


Consider this your first and last warning, if you are caught teamkilling again with guns you will be banned permanently.


We understand that sometimes accidents happen, all of our members have at some point teamkilled another client, however shooting down a friendly with guns is on another level.  Please make sure you understand how to IFF to avoid teamkilling because as you found out we don't tolerate teamkilling, even from new players.


You can now re-enter the server.

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