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If this is the reason im really so sorry for this situation and all i can say is I admit your decision because i know this is a really bad behaviour.

I have been in the server for long time ago and never had any problem, only one kick for taking off in a hurry.

Its not an excuse for this but the ban day I was testing oculus with friends in pvp and maybe one of them broke the rules when not in my pressence.

I admit your decision but please take in account that im not a problematic player...all i can say sorry and the last time.

Sorry for my bad english.




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As you may understand we have heard this "it was not me it was my friend" many times before from other people.


I do admit that I have seen you in the server on many occasions and you have not caused any problems however the ban will remain in place until next month.  In future never allow your friends to fly in our server under your callsign without you watching, if you want to test with friends... do it in another server or offline ;)

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