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104th Stuge | Su-27 Virtual Aerobatic Solo Display


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We are proud to launch our 104th Phoenix youtube channel with this exquisite Su-27 Solo Display by our very own 104th_Stuge !

For a long time aerobatics have been left on the side for the 104th and now they are back, more beautiful than ever.

If you don't mind, let me introduce the pilot. We are mighty proud of him:

Stuge was born and raised in the Finnish town of Espoo. His interest for flying and sims developed early on with arcade machines like "After Burner" that emptied his parents' pockets until the game was won.

Around ten his flight sim career started cross the board with the first old version of microsoft flight sim, then space games.. tie fighter, x-wing alliance, freespace, then microsoft combat flight sim, falcon 4, il-2, lock on, and finally DCS. With 20 he started flying gliders and with 30 he finally made his PPL.

Planes he has flown include the ASK-21 glider, the G102, the G103, K-8b, LS-4, and Cessnas 152 and 172.

He became a cadet in the 104th Phoenix on the 10th october of 2014 and passed his carrier quals in 2015. I couldn't be more proud to have been at his side during his training as an instructor, but I can tell you, he was a total PITA. LOL: There you get an incredibly skilled pilot whose secret weapon above all is his creativity - and you have to grind him through the routine of SOPs, lol, believe me it was no easy task to confine this one. But most important is that apart from the incredible skill he brought to us and the tactical aspects he learned from us - he preserved his creativity, which is displayed here.

As Hook would say, the Chuck Norris of DCS, biggrin.gif, he continued to amaze us ever since, BFM Top Gun Champion both 1v1 and 2v2 in both 2015 and 2016. And numerous achievements in the 104th. His true passion lies with BFM. He currently serves as one of our Flight Instructors (go figure) and is in charge of our BFM Training Program.

This video is dedicated to our friends at the 51st Bisons PVO
and to Russia's beautiful Flanker!

We hope you enjoy the show! S!

the video contains content by stratovarius.

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