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why I hate winter

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this is after a hellish morning that is my 44 birthday.  I just realized that my wife , who is Korean, has influenced me enough to star disliking  the number 4 as  a bad omen, the word for 4 "Sa" is part of the word for death "sa-mang" I wonder if this is why my birthday was hellish today.


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Yeah I do, every winter I pray: please, let it be snow!


And every summer I pray: please let it be sun, and at least not fucking rain.


But tell you what, this is what we got 2 winters ago in Slovenia, and that was fucking DEVASTATING! A very rare example of mother nature: real icerain.










The whole country was buried under ice! Ppl were without power for days. It killed thousands of trees and the costs were devastating. It looks gorgeous, yes, but it was a pure catastrophy, and everyone was downright scared!



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in the winter of 1999 in Quebec there was an ice storm   (freezing rain) left montreal and quebec city in a state of emergency. 




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