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Nvidia releases the GTX 1080 TI


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Just saw a few hours ago that Nvidia released the GTX 1080 TI graphics card with 11GB of Vram. From the chart on the website it looks like most games will perform 1.2x-1.6x faster although the chart isn't too specific. They are saying its faster than the Titan X card as well. In the YouTube video from Nvidia it says that it will come in at the same price point of $699 and the regular 1080 will drop to $499.

All that being said, if I'm using a 1080p monitor on a pc for DCS World with setting close to maxed out or maxed out all the way, is the 1080 or 1080 TI overkill? Would a 1070 with 8gb be more than enough or not quite enough?







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1.5 is basically so inefficient that 1070 vs 1080 difference is pretty small to non existant. Even 1060 often comes close if the CPU does run similar amount of Instructions per second. 

2.0 is a lot better optimized, its not great, but its a lot better and you will notice the difference. They make at least use of basic stuff such as instancing:



MicroVAX prediction oracle says that 2.5 will eat GPU-performance alive if you want it to. [From what they are saying they are doing and what one can derive from the screenshots they are doing it looks like there is quite some GPU tasks in it].


It will be interesting what cooling solution does come out on top for the 1080ti. Even my 1080 with a massive 3 slot cooler and some of the most over engineered case airflow has trouble staying below 70 degrees. To achieve best temps and thus best clocks on the 1080ti I am kinda expecting hybrid cooling designs to be very common.  

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