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Un-ban Request


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Good Evening 104th,


Earlier today I was banned perhaps due to my callousness in chat.  I was shot down by a friendly su-27. which i didn't even know was possible.  After a one sentence with foul language I as banned without warning.  I understand the server admins right to ban who he/she pleases.  But had i been warned I would have been more than happy to comply.  I have spent many hours enjoying your server, and would like to spend a great many more.  


If I could have the ban removed or at least given a time limit for it, i would be grateful.  Everyone has an off day.  




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Yeah saying "I'm out, f**k this server" will get you banned. 

The global chat in our server is not a place for you to vent your frustrations, team killing happens, unfortunately it happens on a regular basis due to the sheer numbers of pilots that fly in our server and is something you will have to deal with if you fly in our server.


It is not acceptable for you to react the way you did, please keep this in mind in future, we do not tolerate outbursts like this from anyone.  But like you said everyone does have an off day so I will remove this ban for you now and you can consider this a lesson learned.


You can now rejoin the server.



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