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Replay of .trk files not functioning in Multiplayer?


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I apologize if this subject has been discussed, I did do a search for .trk, no results. Anyway, a bizarre incident occurred the other night while in the server and I simply wanted to try and figure out what happened. I have Tacview, but that will not work due to server setting as I vaguely understand, but I did try and do a track replay from with the DCS GUI. I admit this is something I have only done a few times over many years. When I found the track and tried to view it, all I could see is the map. All I want to know is if there is a problem with my PC or this is due to a server setting? If it is due to a server setting, all is well, I just don't want to spend days trying to figure it out if its something related to the server. many thanks.

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I am am a new guy here who have applied to become a new member of 104th.
I load the UPT 1 mission and once i completed it, i exit the server and a trk/track file was created.

Later i tried to review my track file but i am unable to see my own flight.
The only thing i can see is that im hovering up in the air above the airport and i can see my head movement like im sitting in the plane, but there are no plane.
( i did remember to unpause by the way )  ;-)
when i press f2 the screen blink and nothing happen.. when i press F10 i can see there are no unit on the map.  I notised the clock on the map is running normaly

I thought, oh maybe im locked out due to restrictions in the mission. ( it say in the briefing we are not allowed to view in external mode ect so i dident ).
foor the purpose of testing i tried to edit my track.
i tried to rename the track/trk file to miz and then i edit the mission and allow external view and also so i can see everything on the map.
In the editor i could see the plane parked in the airport by the way.
Then i save and run the mission again.. But i still cannot jump to my plane..
when i try to review the track/mission when i press F2 it just blink one time and then nothing happen as before
I was wondering if the trk player is broken after a recent update ?
I recorded my flight when i was flying with a VR headset...AND i also tried to do a quick test without VR just ordinary dcs where i just use the mouse to look arround.... The track file still does not work properbly.
I tried loading the UTP missions 1-2-3 in dcs world 1,5 and 2,5 and in 1,5 they do not work ( cant select a plane )   in 2,5 the mission load and i can fly it and save a track.. but the track does not work.

Is the UPT 1-2-3 qualification mission broken/old, or is it supposed to be locked somehow so we cannot see the replay. ?

What should i do/try ?
Thanks in advance

track file 4,6mb its from my Vr flight   https://ufile.io/nd6fslu1

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