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Hey guys

I was banned a few days ago (callsign Misfit 2-1) for TK, deserved.

Hear me out, its been a while since I've been flying and a fresh DCS install after a move meant I needed to remap controls. Since the Viggen needs INS updates after a lot of drift, I decided to do a radar fix over the first waypoint, the ramp after refueling and rearming. Since I'm dumb and had the trigger guard up (who needs a safety, right?) when I did the radar fix, I promptly found out I had Weapons release and the TV radar stick switch on the same Button (second stage joystick trigger). So I totally bombed the ramp at Sochi.

It was bad and I feel bad.

Was in TS but I didn't have sound on/ mic connected.

I've flown with you guys before and you guys are pretty cool, so it'd be nice to get unbanned.



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Yeah this was pretty crazy and resulted in you being removed instantly.  I've seen you fly on the server before many times and you've never caused any problems so we'll just file this instance in the "ah sh!t I messed up" section and trust that nothing like this will happen again.


You can now renter the server :)

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