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For a first everyone please organise who you are going to be flying with ship wise. We lost a lot of time and had a lot of unnecessary overhead the last two redflags organising who is going to fly with who. 

I simply do not know many of you guys, dont know who likes or is compatible fighting style with who, so please simply organise that upfront ! :D 

For CAP a preferred altitude regime would be superfancy as well as if the flight intends to a2a refuel or not. That can be helpful to further refine allocation of tasks before the event and thus simplify preflight briefing and increase chance of success. 


Provide at least callsigns and frames you are going to fly. 


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Kunz - Su-27. Will be flying with Axion who is also in a Su-27.

Aye, ex shipmates and all.

BTW - Thanks for volunteering, Microvax. Appreciated!


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