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Operation Drum Beat

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Well, can we request a MiG-31 flying at Mach 3 with a R-33 for that!!!

Jokes aside, I've not looked at the mission, but what altitude is the enemy AWACS flying at? Its a suicide mission if one flight goes after the AWACS at the start. The Aggressors will be expecting that and will be on high alert. Just my opinion though :)

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We have something close to a MIG31. :D 


Their AWACS is flying basically a west/east track 10nm north of Mozdok @angels 30. So I intend to send a two ship of M2000c around the flank and punch that thing. The Mirage has the capability to either waste any aggressors endurance fuel wise or just fly around them.  

But you are probably right though we shouldnt do that right away. But my results in terms of testing look pretty promising. :) 

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Send a two ship fighter flight as a decoy right at the AWACS at the start then turn away from it while the 2000's take more time to flank and get in position?

Just a thought, if they think we started to attack it and got turned back they may not see the 2000's as a threat to it until too late.

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The problem is the AWACS is basically flying within SA11 coverage and so they will know of any flanking attempts. 

What I am counting on is that they will not put dedicated AWACS protection. 

A ) Its unlikely they expect someone to go for it straight away.

B ) Even if they expect it, its unlikely they dedicate any planes to the AWACS protection. They are outnumbered already and this is basically a critical point in time for them. 

C ) If they try to protect it its fine the Mirage can run from them forevar and the eagle cant catch it. We can literally run them out of fuel, still hit the AWACS and run home.

D ) If they really start to chase us and do not just accept they cant protect the AWACS without drawing a lot of forces from the main engagement, well good for us, because we can still run away and thus make it easier for our forces over bullseye. :)  

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