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Use of other countries in missions


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I have a question. When you create a new mission or if you modify the current one, can you please use other countries as well?

For instance, for the F-5E, on the blue side you can use Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Spain, Norway etc. Whereas for the F-5Es on the red side you can add Iran instead of Russia as it's not exactly realistic.

Similar thing can be done for the Mig-21, for the blue side you can add India (with the appropriate paint scheme). Whereas for the red side you can add Iran, China, Insurgents, North Korea and more along with Russia.

This provides more use and variety of those awesome new factions we have plus. It also adds realism and even helps in identifying friendlies from enemies.

However in the case of certain planes like the Mig-21. All the paint schemes are there for all the countries unlike BST neatly arranging it's paint schemes among the countries respectively making them more realistic. So in the case of the Mig-21s, you will have to choose the paint scheme meticulously for each country you set them for.

But I really hope this can happen is it'll be so much fun Really thought it was a great idea for this






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Sorry for the late reply, mate, it is simply because atm there was no reason for us to alter the missions or create new ones.

However with the upcoming 2.5 update we will probably have to redo all our missions and will take it into consideration. A lot of our missions have been dragged over with the old factions and unfortunately you cannot add new ones when a mission has been started, only at the beginning. secondly, it has to fit the created scenario/ type, so in some instances having iran or india is rather unlikely, in others it could be nice to have.

We will definately look into this.

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