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I was playing on 104th a few months ago with my friend and we doing some normal missions in the  Mirage until he shot me down as a joke (Never got warning or kick) we continued to play and he again shot me down (Once again no warning or kick) He eventually got off and I went on flying in the Mirage on a typical CAP mission. I spotted an A-10 (Note I was fairly new to the Mirage). I did not know that the Mirage doesn't show an X over the target designation when you lock a friendly aircraft unlike the F-15C. I locked this A-10 and shot him down, only to see that It was a friendly. I apologized in chat only to be instantly banned (With not a single warning). I read in the forms that is is usually a one week ban, it has been a few months now and I am still banned. I'm not sure if I shot down an admin that out of anger and abusive power perma banned me but I am genuinely sorry for the incident and wondering if I could be unbanned? 

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please come and see us on teamspeak about this (always quickest way to get unbanned).

It sure isnt an abusive perma ban, either an admin who banned you had additional reasons, or you have been simply forgotten, which happens rarely but still can happen.

again, pls approach us on Teamspeak during high time. simply join the banned box, as soon as an admin enters, he will take care of you.


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