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Op. Leopard


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Hi Guys.

it would be great to have some changes in Leopard, for the Heli ops.

1) Distance to Waypoint 2 from FARP Rome is too far,,  is it possible to have some late activation helis at Beslan? will make the travel to waypoint 2 a little bit shorter.

I understand there will be maybe too much helis slots,. not sure if you can activate the ones in Beslan and de-activate the ones in Rome... or something like that...

2) In the other FARP, it would be great to be able to get some crates such as the ground forces TOW, etc. to deploy it to help clean the area, also to be able to create a FOB close to the are to clean would be great and very fun to do..

3) Would be great to have a mission something like, to stop a convoy,..  where helis need to set up a road block using troops, ground forces and of course help with the air support of the helis and strikers... 


Thanks a lot for your effort...  I really enjoy playing at this server..

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Hey buddy, thank you for your input.

God, I feel so bad when I have to reply negatively but in short:

@1: Late activations dont work nicely when you have enemy ground units at the activation slot and also we like to encourage flying as such, so distances are rather managable, while some might still experience them as being far, but really they are not. If you keep good care of your aircraft, and dont have to respawn frequently, it should be managable. We already get a lot of complaints of being "too arcadic" (I say that depends on the pilots who fly, not us).

@2: We want you to build a FOB, not provide it from the get go. Once you have build it (and you can build it anywhere on the map), you will be able to pick up crates from it.

@3: Convoys would indeed be great and we had them, but unfortunately atm moving units create instability, lag and server crashes, which is why we force all units to be stationary. Thus a convoy becomes obsolete or not really a convoy. We hope that changes soon, and then point 3 will quickly turn into a yes. Great idea!

Thanks for your input again, mate!


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